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Tomb reflects a beginning for Angelo — both emotionally and in his career. It’s a motion towards positivity, addressing lost love, the worthwhile cost of honesty, and the ramifications of regret. In the end, Tomb isn’t about burying or hiding something away, it’s about opening the seal and letting something new emerge. It’s about telling people how you feel when you feel it, instead of burying everything over the span of years. Like the best heartbreak albums, Tomb transforms inward pain into universal beauty. The songs have helped him to heal and now they can help those who hear them. “This album is, at its core, a prayer for hope and clarity, and a prayer for love,” Angelo says.


released January 11, 2019


all rights reserved



Angelo De Augustine Los Angeles, California

Angelo De Augustine writes and records music in Thousand Oaks, California -- a suburb north of Los Angeles, where he grew up.  His self-released debut album, Spirals of Silence, and 3-song EP follow-up, How Past Begins, earned praise from The FADER, Stereogum, Vogue, My Old Kentucky Blog, and more. ... more

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Track Name: Tomb
Been searching for someone of my own kind
Played it back and forth 
Prefer to rewind
You've been living your life from the outside 
Like a stranger inside of your own mind

Both been on the rise and fall
Buried in a tomb and lost
Like past visions of Osiris

I walked into your life at the wrong time 
Never quite been perceptive of real life
It was not your fault or a fault of mine
But it's hard to let you go this time 

You were on my lap
I felt your heartbeat 
As you pressed your chest hard against me
It was not of this world or of a dream
For the first time someone else loved me 
Track Name: All To The Wind
When the light revealed the dream
Opened the door 
hoping to lean
And I gave my own life
And I gave it all to the wind

All for love
Gave that a try
Head on the floor
Most of the time 
And I gave my own life
And I gave it all to the wind

Loving is a new part of
And up until today I seemed to get away

I can see the stars above 
Swirling around to say
Out went the light 
As I leapt through the door
And I followed it home
And I did know why
I did know why

All the nights I'd been afraid
Living life just to fade away
But all the light laying in your eyes
Left me stunned in a pale surprise 
Woke up within that morning just to turn back time
And get back in line

 Her old man's driving the whip
Too much to bear
Rolled up a spliff
And I gave my own life
And I gave it all to the wind 

Quite the type to treat you unkind
And take all your love
Most of the time
And I gave my own life
And I gave it all to the wind
Track Name: You Needed Love, I Needed You
I don't have a car
To drive around in
I just have a heart
That I walk about In
I walk around

If I could I'd buy
You a house in laurel canyon
Underneath the moon above
In the shade of the mountain
I walk around 

Life's been hard and you've lived a few
Did I give too much love to you
I'm sorry but it's what I had to do
You needed love
I needed you
So I walk around

Back in my hometown
Looking for a silver Honda 
But there's too many all around 
And I fear I'll never find you

Hoping that one day
I'll see you driving up my street again
On your grandpa's bicycle 
With your long hair blowing in the wind
And we'll walk around 
Track Name: I Could Be Wrong
All the light came on my way
From a once familiar face
Thought the love was here to stay

I could be wrong if I think I'll forget about you

Have you come to pacify
Let the haze enclose your mind
Just the way you pass the time

All the visions came in from the east and from the north
Future is the past and it's still knocking at your door
I could see you now
I saw my friend
She called my name
Or you propose the question to the history of refrain

Do you miss the time at all
Had a thought leave 
as I fall
To make eyes
 and close the door
Track Name: Tide
Privy to a love that won't love back
All on the rising tide back home
All the lies my old man told
All the life left to live past

Heard an angel call my name at last
Heavy ocean came and pulled you down

Journey to the end has come at last
All on the rising tide back home
All the lies my old man told
All the life left to live past

Thought I found love
In Montecalvo in the daytime
Found her but she had another ex-lover on the side 
Like a brunette blissed-out Alice in the moonlight 
Living off MDMA and cocaine to survive 
Track Name: Kaitlin
Mother left you in the night 
My father faded into the same light 
Now we're both hoping to find someone

I hope you hear this song
And you leave your old boyfriend
Come back where you belong
In my arms


All of the days and the nights 
You and I and a dream in Ojai
Filling up both of our lives 
with love
Sometimes you're like the wind
Like my mother sang in 1987
Now your life's sure to begin

All comes back to you
Wonder if you'll chose
Anyone to love

Now you're gone again
I gave all that I had to give
But I lost my friend
Just before the holiday
Unable to learn my own name
Or blow the wind away
What would you say
Track Name: Time
Time keeps on coming
I've been all around
I'll keep on running
Till time catches on
I've been on the run

Now you're back in your hideout
Never gave it all for free
Everyone was talking to ya
To ya

Time keeps on learning
About you and me
I'll keep on loving
Someday she'll love me
I'll love you for free 

Now your heart has been broken 
And you're miles off away
Now you can't find the right words to say

Once uphill you'll be fine
But your love's lost down the line 
Hate to say I was wrong 
Came into this life on my own
And I'll try
Yes I'll try 
Hope for love
Turn out the light 
And I gave my own life 
My own life
My own life

He'll treat you unkindly
If that's what you want 
But you'll stay inside me
Inside of my heart
Unbound at the start 
Track Name: Somewhere Far Away From Home
All the love in your life
Is on my wall
And I felt that I
Couldn't fall

To be not with you still
When you're  gone and I can't protect you

Though it's been a while
Tell me where that I should roam
Find a simple life 
Somewhere far away from home

All the love in your life
Didn't last too long
And it broke my heart 
To watch you fall

Oh baby you tried
Track Name: Wanderer
Just like a song
That's been rubbed out above your left arm
Full of light 
Eager eyes
For the adventure of a lifetime

She's on the run
Who you running from?
It can't be me cause I'm no one
Turtle dove
Carried my love
And left it on the moon to shine

I'll try 
My best to find some peace of mind
But the light fades to black
And you don't know where the exit is at

Labyrinthine fern
Planted in your dilated mind
Evil talk
Heaven above
Protect her in her darkest night
Track Name: A Good Man's Light
Not once
But twice
Walked into my life
And left
To find what you want

Back with 
Your man
Who dresses up like John Lennon
And sings in 
A Beatles cover band

He's drunk
You're too
He'll pull back
And hurt you
Fears just like a nightmare
To me

All the conti's far down the line
Have let in abuse of all kinds
Feels familiar and justifies 
A sad urge to sabotage your own life
Now you think you're living it right
But you're not when you blow out a good man's light  
You're a 
On sale
For hire
But we know you work for free
So true
Feel like I don't know you
And I never knew myself

I still
Love you
And I'd do anything to
Help you
Feel more at ease
To my own detriment 
In codependent affluence
Living in a dream
Track Name: Bird Has Flown
If I was my father's son
Then I'd have to guess 
That I'd be the only one
But he fell out years ago
Set off on his ride
Leaving California for
A young woman and a child

Mother said that I was wrong
He left her not me
A woman will come your way
To fill his broken piece

It was all you could take
Light will follow you through your day
Bird has flown
And you've gone 
On your own

If you were your mothers love
Then you'd have to guess 
That you'd be her number one
But she said that times were tough
When he lost his mind
Breeding paranoia and
Fear of her own kind
Track Name: All Your Life
Thought I'd go and leave
time recalls
All your life
All your life
All your life

You can't believe
That a match dipped
In gasoline
Has the power to lift 
You from this dream
One I thought to leave

Now I'll go and lead
Anyway time recalls
All your life
All your life 
All your life 

All the pills were green
And I swallowed them inside a sea
Of mercury
Then the fire came and burned your mind
And drowned you deep
When I thought to leave

Anyway time recalls
All your life
All your life 
All your life

The noose was clean
As I swung it on the blade on high
The fan did gleam
And it's revolutions turned my mind
Back indeed
When I thought to leave

Anyway time recalls
All your life
All your life
All your life

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